How to Cure a Hangover - Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain - Ozark, Arkansas - Music Festival
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How to Cure a Hangover

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So you’ve spent Day 1 partying, drinking, dancing, yelling (or what you like to think of as singing), etc. The final band is wrapping up, crowds are dispersing, and hopefully you or a friend are remembering at least the vicinity of the tent you’re supposed to pass out in for a few hours.

After wandering for what seemed like miles, you’ve stumbled to the tent that boasts a giant spray painted X because it would look unique amongst the hundreds of other pup tents, kind of like a luggage tag does to the frequently traveled black suitcases.

The slightly deflated air mattress feels like a Sleep Number bed rather than a deflated pool raft barely keeping afloat. You may not even notice that crick in your neck in the morning.


Because you’re head aches worse. Good morning! You’re hungover!

But don’t worry. You’ve prepared for this, prepared for the over confidence in your tolerance, prepared for the stupidity of a friend (because you weren’t going to be ‘that girl/guy’ this year.

How? Here are the top-10 hangover cures so the festivities can continue without too much of a hitch.

1. Trick question: Backwoods only happens once a year. No sleeping.


2. Hair of the dog. Chug a beer or take a shot. It’s like you never stopped…prolong the ill effects.


3. Aspirin/Motrin/Advil/Ibuprofen. Don’t take these on an empty stomach; the after effects aren’t favorable for anyone in camp.

4. Water. Despite the consumption of an abundance of liquids, you’re still dehydrated, and that’s why you have a headache in the first place.

5. Watermelon. Not kidding. It’s food, and it’s mainly made up of water. So the summertime fruit is really a two-fer.

6. Chips. Hopefully while you rested your friends who manned (or womaned) up and saw dawn and didn’t munch too much.

7. Go for a run. Take 15 minutes to exercise and sweat the alcohol out. If you drank flavored vodka the day before, you’ll have a rather sweet smell as the alcohol discharges out of your pores.

8. Ginger Ale/Tea. Ginger is frequently used to cope with nausea. Wouldn’t advise eating sushi with that just yet, though.

9. Emergen-C. It will help replenish the vitamins lost while you were having a great time killing them off.

10. Coffee. This one is a toss up. The caffeine may help the headache, but the boosting of your blood pressure could just make it worse.

Honorable Mention: Abstain from drinking. But really, where’s the fun in that?

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