New Main Stage Design - Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain - Ozark, Arkansas - Music Festival
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New Main Stage Design

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Backwoods Stage_3

Close your eyes and imagine walking through the woods and when you reach the top of a grassy hill the only thing you see is a massive castle in the middle of a quiet field. As you walk closer, dancing lights and music surround you. You look up to see the center eye of the stage through thousands of lasers and it draws you in with amazing graphics synced perfectly to the music. You just revisited Backwoods 2015.  The above photograph shows the actual stage (top) vs. design rendering (bottom).

Backwoods Stage_1

Stage Designer VJ Fader wants his audience to feel special and he is able to achieve that goal through visuals, lighting, and design. His 70’ tall and 140’ wide medieval castle design was one of the biggest stages the state of Oklahoma has ever seen and the impression it has left on its audience will not be forgotten. When you see images or video of that stage lit up, you know immediately that it’s Backwoods Music Festival.

Backwoods Stage_2

What does VJ Fader and Backwoods have planned for 2016? Something new, refreshing, and unexpected. Here are a few facts about the Backwoods Music Festivals 2016 Motherland Main Stage:

  • It will have a new theme
  • It will be 60% longer than 2015 main stage
  • It will be more interactive with the audience
  • It will have a themed bar and characters

Don’t miss out on this epic design that will WOW the audience when they first lay eyes on the Motherland Main Stage! Buy your 2016 Backwoods Music Festival tickets now, just click here. Check out more about VJ Fader by watching the Backwoods Experience 2015.

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