No Tickets for Backwoods Music Festival Sold At Gates
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NO Tickets for Backwoods Music Festival Sold At The Gates

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It’s important to know there will be NO tickets for Backwoods Music Festival sold at the gates this year. In years passed, we previously sold tickets at the gates. We’re moving to RFID collectable wristbands this year for better experiences at the festival entrances, campsites, and music venues. These RFID wristbands must be registered to an individual for security purposes and will happen prior to the festival. The only way this can be done is by purchasing a your ticket ahead of the festival so we can ship your personal RFID wristband to you at home. There are only 10,000 allotted tickets for sale this year, and the festival is expected to sell out many weeks before the actual festival date. Be sure to order your tickets ONLINE as soon as you can to save on ticket prices, and SPREAD THE WORD to others! We want to make sure everyone has their chance to attend!

No Gate Sales, RFID Wristbands

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