These Five Visual Performers From Backwoods Will Amaze You
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These Five Visual Performers From Backwoods Will Amaze You

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📸: Alyssa Schwalm

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What makes Backwoods special isn’t just the music, art, or the production: it’s the people behind the scenes. Everything (and everyone) coming together is what makes the Backwoods experience spectacular. We’re lucky to have some of the best visual performers in the game, so we felt like shedding some light on a few of them. These entertainers dazzle our crowds year after year without fail. You won’t be disappointed!

1) The Dancing Bear Tribe

The Dancing Bear Tribe is a Performance Art Collective with a mission to inspire through movement, creativity, & authenticity. Originally based out of St. Louis, Missouri, DBT was established in 2016 and is currently made up of over 30 performing artists located all across the United States. The group provides a variety of workshops and performances. Their biggest passions include LED, fire, and aerial performances with a variety of different props. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or by visiting their website

2) Inspyral Circus

Inspyral Circus creates unforgettable experiences for festival guests through larger than life costumed stilt dancers, choreographed LED performances, and sizzling fire shows. Visionary founders Kelsey & Jeremy Philo have spread joy through circus and flow arts since 2012. Based in Tulsa, OK, they perform at festivals and events across the country. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, or on their website

3) Honora

📸: S dot Z Photography

Honora HoneyK is a performer based in St. Louis, MO. She is active in The Fire Technicians, the first fire troupe from STL, and she is also one of the founding members of the Firechasers. As an experience creator, she will dazzle you with multiple hoops on fire, dancing on stilts, all while engaging the crowd around her. Find her on Facebook or Instagram.

4) Tazz

📸: C.MAC Photography

Tazz is a performer based out of Dallas Texas, but that doesn’t mean that you will only find him there. Tazz has traveled all over the country this year performing with fire. His specialty is fire poi which he has been practicing for over six years. He works hard to build choreography and express emotions through his flow to take you on a journey until his flame runs out! You can find Tazz on Instagram.

5) Olivia Holt

📸: S dot Z Photography

Olivia Holt is an Arkansas native who discovered her love for performance art through the transformational experience of hoop dance. Olivia has been performing for over five years and has always had love for the music festival scene. She spread her wings to became a solo performer and ever since, things have completely taken off for her. Olivia is currently in graduate school getting her Master’s in Social Work, is 200HR yoga teacher certified, and is the Visual Arts Manager at Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain. Olivia loves to put a smile on people’s faces through performance, and incorporate all of her passions to help bring a little joy and sunshine to others.

We’ll see you on the mountain June 4th-7th, 2020! 💚

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