How to Build a Rage Stick - Rage Stick Wars
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How to Build a Rage Stick – Rage Stick Wars

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Can’t find your friends or have cell service? Circling around campsites that appear similar to the one you thought you set up? Nobody else could have cleverly thought to purchase a brightly colored tent to stand out amongst the trees. And yet, all you see is the color orange.

Maybe it truly is the new black.

But alas! In a *hand-to-forehead* moment you scan just above the sea of nylon searching for the witty (or at least you think so) rage stick you and your fellow campers crafted.

Huzzah! There’s Crazy Eyes!

In recent years fashioning rage sticks has become quite the frenzy among music festival goers in order to easily meet up with scattered friends.

Here are some things to think about when it comes to building your rage stick:

  1. Creativity – Be creative!  The rage stick loses its usefulness if there is another just like it floating high above the crowd.
  2. Faces – Giant faces are not just for sporting events. Just ask the group who brought the second Danny Ocean…. Apparently George Clooney was all the rage (pun totally intended) at Summer Camp last year.
  3. Height – Build them tall enough not to obstruct others’ views.
  4. Light – Keep in mind a rage stick should be light enough for each member of the group to at least hold up in a crowd, not necessarily carry from the campsite to aforementioned crowd.
  5. Power – Your rage stick can be battery operated. So maybe try your hands at adding a neon sign from your favorite neighborhood bar—not that we’re condoning stealing!
  6. Wind – Last thing to consider is the wind factor. The more surface area at the top of the stick, the more susceptible it is to blowing over.
Rage Sticks

Rage Sticks at a music festival

  • Emily | Feb 28, 2015 at 11:01 pm

    Wake up and rage stick!

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