Fire Poi - Poi Towers - Backwoods Music Festival
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Poi Towers

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The Poi Towers at Backwoods Music Festival will be one of the most talked about new additions to the festival this year. The producers are adding three large cubes (with ladder inside and trap door on the top) that performers can enter, climb up, and perform on top of.

The area will consist of three distinct towers, all of different heights. The first 8′ high, the second 12′ high, and the third 16′ high, allowing you to see the performers in the middle of the crowd from a distance across the large Midway field.

Poi Towers

Each 12′ x 12′ platform at the top of the towers will house many different performers throughout the weekend, while the sides of the towers will be painted live during the day by some of Backwoods’ live artists, including Jamie Whitlow of Tennessee. The live painting aspect will help transform and bring to life these amazing towers as the weekend goes on.

Executive Producer, Will Royall stated in an interview last week, “We want to make sure there is focus on the non-musical performers at Backwoods as well, since they add so much to the experience of our attendees. We knew to do that this year we had to create their own special environment. Something designed for the performers much like a stage is designed for the musicians. These towers were just the thing to lift them into the air drawing attention, while giving some of our live artists a large canvas to express themselves as well.”

Poi Workshops will be held daily at the base of the towers for anyone who’s been interested in learning Flow or Poi. Additionally there are meet-ups in the evening, right after dark at the base of the towers, for anyone at the festival who has any form of Glow Poi to join and help create a poi gathering spectacle never before seen at an event. With the mass amount of Glow, LED Poi and LED hoops going on at the base, and the top of the towers with fire poi performers, it’s truly going to be a sight you don’t want to miss. You can find the workshops schedule here.

POI Balls 9 Mode

GloFX LED POI Balls 9 Mode

You can also order your own set of GloFX LED Poi Balls on the Backwoods Website for the workshops and meet-ups. If you want to save on the shipping charges, you can select to “pick up at the festival” and they will be waiting for you at the merchandise tent.  If you’d like, you can order them here.

POI Balls 9 Mode POI Balls 9 Mode POI Balls 9 Mode
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