Meet Your Workshop Instructors for Backwoods 2021! 🧘‍♀️
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Meet Your Workshop Instructors for Backwoods 2021! 🧘‍♀️

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📸: Katie Sunshine

Yesterday, we released the complete workshop & yoga schedule for Backwoods 2021. If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here! 👈

Also, haven’t purchased tickets to Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain yet? Click here 👈

Meet Your Workshop Instructors

📸: Arkansas Acro Yoga

Arkansas Acro Yoga

Class: Acro Yoga

Scott and Hannah Forbush are two of the founders of Arkansas AcroYoga. They have been teaching for 6 years. They are certified instructors through Acro Revolution and teach and perform with Arkansas Circus Arts. They did acro on their first date 7 years ago and it has been a foundational part of their relationship ever since. They love sharing with others the joy, playfulness, trust and team building that acroyoga brings. When not on their mats, Scott runs a coffee shop and Hannah teaches music lessons and paints pottery. They have two beautiful children who can’t stop moving, just like their parents.

“We’re excited to get to be back in the festival scene and to provide an outlet for movement and play in a fun and relaxed environment.”

📸: Christina Duncan

Christina Duncan

Class: Thai Yoga Partner Massage

Christina Duncan is the owner of Wichita’s premier aerial and flow arts studio, Flow Foundry. She has been performing for over 20 years in many modalities including flow, fire and aerial and is certified to teach Aerial, Yoga, Yin, SUP and working towards completing Thai Massage certification. Christina’s electrifying energy invites your body and spirit to step outside of your comfort zone and into the place where magic happens.

“I am excited to attend Backwoods because I missed the opportunities when it was in Oklahoma but I have a personal connection to Mulberry Mountain from my many happy and challenging Wakarusas including the untimely last one. I am so grateful to connect with the mountain and all its people again!”

📸: Mackenzie Smith

Mackenzie Smith

Class: Laughter Yoga

Mackenzie is a laughter enthusiast and an all around yogi. Hee goal is to bring people closer to themselves and each other through the art of authenticity and exploration.

“I am so excited to be behind the scenes in a community that I already love so dearly. This will be a great step towards being a part of the creation of environments where people can come to be free, connect, and grow.”

📸: Katie Sunshine

Katie Sunshine

Class: Hoop Dance

Katie Sunshine was first inspired to pick up a hoop in 2008 after being introduced to hooping at a music festival in Ozark, Arkansas. What started as a hobby turned into a profession when one of her hoop videos went viral on YouTube. Since then, she’s racked up more than 16 million Youtube views, hooped for commercials and music videos, and taught workshops all over the country.

“Backwoods is such an exciting gathering of artists, creatives, and beautiful souls in general. I’m just happy to be part of the magic that happens on Mulberry Mountain!”

📸: Aubrey Warren

Aubrey Warren

Classes: Guided Meditation + Sound Bath, Yoga Electrified

Aubrey Warren, your Festival Fairy Godmother, has been married to Jacob since 200, and they have been attending music festivals together since the beginning of their relationship. They live in Fort Worth, Texas, and stay busy raising their two boys. Aubrey is a Yoga Instructor, Certified Yoga Education Provider, Conscious Dance DJ & Facilitator, and an Ordained Minister with the Church of Spiritual Humanism. Although she’s been teaching for over twenty years, her career started in TV commercial casting. Her unique skill set makes Aubrey the ideal Backwoods Workshop Coordinator, and she’s excited to serve our community again in this role.

“Jacob and I found great healing and solace at Wakarusa (on Mulberry Mountain), when we were in a dark pace in our marriage. This venue has a special place in our hearts and we feel called to serve this community that’s given us so much! When Backwoods took over the venue, we knew we had to be a part of it! I taught yoga at Backwoods 2018, and it was awesome. I was overjoyed to have the privilege to coordinate our 2019 Lineup, and I can’t wait to share with you everything we have in store for 2021! I’m proud to work alongside such amazing instructors and even more proud to work for such big-hearted producers committed to bring us the best event possible! This year is going to be EPIC!”

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