Kat D. Hoops to offer Hoop Dance at Backwoods Music Festival
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Kat D. Hoops & Friends to teach Hoop Dance and Perform at Backwoods 2015

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Kat D. Hoops, a professional silk, lyra, and hula-hoop aficionado has been confirmed for Backwoods 2015. The creative stage designers and producers at Backwoods have discussed integrating two places (one on each side of the main stage) for silks, hammocks, and lyra performances built into the stage design. Additionally other areas such as the enclosed 6,000 SF Air Conditioned club “Elevate” will also showcase Kat and her friends.

Kat will also be holding hoop dance classes in the early afternoons both Friday and Saturday at the festival for those who would like to learn.

Kat D. Hoops Silks

Kat D. Hoops performing on silks

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