Jenkstars Coming to Backwoods 2015 - Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain - Ozark, Arkansas - Music Festival
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Jenkstars Coming to Backwoods 2015

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Backwoods has announced its bringing the Jenkstars to its 2015 festival.

The Jenkstars are a group of artists, performers, builders, engineers, magicians, and nerds who recycle and reclaim materials to build unique party environments. The group is working with Backwoods this year on several venues.

Jenkstars have been gaining notoriety for creating unforgettable experiences at other festivals around the country, including the most recent Electric Forest in Rothbury Michigan.

The group powers its tools off of the sun with solar power and prides itself on creating art that’s sustainable, and changes the way people view the world.

2015 is the start of a long partnership between Jenkstars and Backwoods to continue to build and increase the experiences of festival goers in the years to come.

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