Important Backwoods Update for 2021 - Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain - Ozark, Arkansas - Music Festival
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Important Backwoods Update for 2021

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We absolutely cannot wait to meet with you on the mountain again for our 3rd year, and 10th Backwoods festival overall. We are committed to making that happen.

YOU – our Backwoods family is what drives us to push forward through even the toughest times we’ve had over the years. The gusto, excitement, and passion for live music and art keeps all of us together, focused, and energized to always plan our next gathering together.

And this year has been no different. With the recent pandemic, and the required rescheduling of our 2020 event, we felt we would be able to safely produce an event almost a year later, this coming Spring, while the world helped to heal itself and regenerate as we came to a pause for all of our safety.

We have tirelessly worked with the Arkansas Department of Health putting together a 45-page Safety Plan to ensure your safety over the last 9 weeks, and the good news is that we received official approval on that plan with their help, that will allow us to hold the event this year at a limited capacity of 4,500. 

We’ve also received approval and cooperation from the local Sheriff’s office who is excited to see us return as well as our medical team. There will be a lot of safety protocols to prevent further spread of the virus, but it will at least allow us to gather once again none-the-less and experience live music.

After reaching out to the artists on the lineup, to reconfirm their participation in the rescheduled event as they originally intended to do on our April dates, we have found that several of them are now unwilling or are unable to play given their own personal situations or circumstances surrounding the pandemic.

While we believe we could hold a safe event as planned, we do not want to bring you a sub-par experience, or only a portion of the original lineup you may have purchased your ticket to see. As such, we are planning to delay our 2021 rescheduled event until August 26th – 29th, 2021. This will give us more time to plan an even safer event, drop an impressive lineup, and provide an amazing experience for you when we do ultimately get back together.

With that note, we humbly request our current ticket buyers to push the pause button with us and hold their tickets for our 2021 event again. We will refund those who are truly in dire straits, however an overabundance of requests in this direction may be detrimental to our company and the festival’s return in future years. We ask for your patience in timing if you do request a refund, rather than hold onto your ticket for the upcoming event. The most recent #SaveOurStages Act which has passed, has not opened applications yet to provide any assistance to companies in the industry still to this day. This assistance is necessary in helping companies like Backwoods with refund requests and other on-going expenses through the pandemic due to the amount of artist deposits and production deposits which were placed on the original 2020 event. We are all still very much trying to make ends meet on our own through this tough time, but will make good on promises made to you. Please consider our plea, and if you will not be attending our 2021 event, and are unwilling to hold your ticket for a 2022 event, and absolutely must request a refund – please email with your order details for more information on the refund process.

We know this isn’t the news you wanted to hear today, but we had to make this tough decision which we feel is in everyone’s best interest. We care about you, your safety, your passion for live music, our artists, and the community that is Backwoods.

We will be announcing a revised lineup (a good portion of it will stay the same) in the coming weeks, as we work to bring you this next rendition of Backwoods. While we must postpone the event once again, we plan to begin utilizing our social media channels for inspiring a new beginning, reflecting on past memories, and by featuring the visual artists, performers, and behind the scenes staff that have helped make Backwoods a memorable experience for all.

Thank you for being a part of our family. Stay safe, and we will see you on the Mountain soon!

The Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain Staff

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