Hoop Dance and Aerialist - Backwoods Music Festival
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Kat D. Hoops – Aerialist & Hoop Dance Performer

Kat is a trained hoop dance, aerialist, and performance enthusiast. Kat began her performance journey working with the group, The Hoop Unit, in San Diego, CA. Now, in addition to her personal training, she teaches weekly hoop dance classes in Santa Barbara, CA. “Kat and friends” will be performing at Backwoods alongside the stage and musical acts for additional visual entertainment. She will also be providing free workshops for those who want to learn hoop dance and hula hoop performance.

Kat has performed at circus shows and festivals all over the southern U.S. She has worked individually as well as in collaboration with other amazing artists at festivals such as Lucidity, FireFly Gathering, Electric Daisy Carnival, and many more. Sharing her love of hoop dance through performance and teaching workshops is her passion. Kat channels her creative efforts into combining various forms of dance and art to make each act is own unique experience!


Kat’s Portfolio: