Car Camping Setup for Music Festivals
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Epic Car Camping Set Up for Music Festivals

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It’s soon going to be that time, music festival season… and many times, at the camping festivals, you’ll find yourself camping near your car. This benefit allows you to securely lock away your valuables, and many times, create a really neat camp site. Try blocking one side of your shade tent with a van for example, it makes a nice privacy wall and allows you to still get inside the van through the side door while under the shade tent.

Here’s a bunch of things you can bring to create the most epic car camping setup at Backwoods this year:

1. Rug
Car Camping RugCar Camping Rug
2. Tarp
Car Camping Tarp
3. Standup Mirror
Car Camping Mirror
4. Shade Tent or Shade Cover for Tent
Shade TentShade Tent
5. Fold Up Tables and Chairs
Fold Up TablesFold Up Chairs
6. Battery Operated Lanterns (Decorative too!)
7. Blanket/Scarf (You’ll want one that is fashionable, but also large enough to sit on as a blanket!)
Blanket Scarf
8. Oranges, PB&J, Trail Mix, Water, Capri Suns, Go-gart, Coconut Water, Applesauce, and other awesome taste goods
9. Bug Spray and Citronella Candels
10. Trash Bags
Garbage Bags
11. Hammock (This is to bring into the festival with you and relax in the shaded Nirvana Woodlands!)
hamocks woods
12. Small Battery Powered Speaker
JBL Pulse
13. Shovel and Bucket
Bucket and shovel
14. Several Gallons of Water Jugs (For fire bucket, drinking, and rinsing things!)
water jugs
15. A plant to spruce up your awesome hang out area.
House Plant

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