Festival Life The Backwoods Way - Backwoods Music Festival
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Festival Life – The Backwoods Way

Backwoods has a few words of wisdom on how its attendees enjoy the festival, all meant to ensure you and those around you have a great time.  While you may never have to say them out loud, they’re always around, lived and experienced by those who’ve been to Backwoods over the years.  It’s sort of an “understood” way of festival life.  Here’s the “know” on the the Backwoods Way:

Plan and Prepare

Plan, and help others prepare for the event.  Create your own personalized checklist and share it with your group.  Look through all parts of our website and read everything.  Bringing a little extra can help someone else in need and make sure everyone has a great time.

Festival Life: Equipment

Always Good Vibes

Our motto is: “Good People.  Good Music.  Good Times.”  and we achieve this by spreading nothing but Good Vibes at the festival.  Help us by doing your part in staying positive, and being friendly to everyone you meet at the festival.

Festival Life: Good Vibes

Respect the Environment

If it’s recyclable, place it in it’s proper place.  There are areas on the festival grounds to recycle aluminum and plastic.  Place trash in the trash cans and not on the ground.  Littering is frowned upon so spread the word.

Festival Life: Environment

Don’t be a Party Pooper

We’ve all been around “that guy.”  If something is bothering you, or you’re not having a good time, don’t bring everyone else down around you.  Try heading back to camp and taking a nap.  Many times feeling refreshed can help you start spreading Good Vibes again.

Festival Life: That Party Pooper

We’re All Friends Here

Watch out for others, be kind, and help one another.  Whether you know someone or not, we’re all friends at Backwoods.

Festival Life: Friends

It’s a Life Style

Spread the message of the Backwoods Way beyond the festival. Live true to the Backwoods way long after you leave. We’re all here together on this earth to live, love, and enjoy life.

Peace, Love, Happiness

Peace, Love, Happiness