Backwoods Street Team Member Spotlight: LeAnna Grace (Interview)
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Backwoods Street Team Member Spotlight: LeAnna Grace (Interview)

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LeAnna joined our street team in 2019, and in a short period of time she quickly became one of our top stars, selling over 60 tickets! We caught up with LeAnna to hear her story 😊

LeAnna! What’s up?!


Where are you from?

I’m originally from a little town in Wisconsin called Antigo. I moved to Arkansas a few years ago and I love it here.

Do you have a favorite band/artist?

Hmmm… that’s a tie between Space Jesus and Ganja White Night.

How did you first hear about Backwoods, and what made you want to go?

I came across Backwoods on Instagram back when the festival was in Oklahoma, I was in Wisconsin at the time so I didn’t really think much of it for awhile. When I moved to Arkansas several years later, I was thinking “what can I do here?” and that’s when Backwoods popped up again! That was in 2018, and I got accepted as a volunteer.

What was your first year at Backwoods like?

Backwoods 2018 was amazing. The whole Backwoods community is fantastic… I went alone and I also wasn’t even halfway prepared. It was raining really hard and one of the people I was volunteering with overheard me worrying about it – he left and came back with a tarp for me! His name was Chris.

Shout out Chris!

Haha yes for real! I don’t remember his full name and I haven’t seen him again after that…. isn’t that crazy! It came in so handy.

Who was your favorite artist from Backwoods 2018?

Griz, 100%. I’ve been listening to Griz since high school but that was my first time ever seeing him live… him and Muzzy Bearr were unreal.

How did you first get involved promoting on the street team?

I saw that Backwoods was recruiting new street team members on Facebook. I filled out an application online and it was super easy to get started. I was really drawn to the idea of meeting new people and also going to Backwoods for free.

I guess the rest is history because you absolutely killed it! You sold over $10,000 worth of tickets this year. How was that experience?

It was so much fun. I already knew some people who were on the team who loved it so I felt like it was practically a no-brainer. Joining the team introduced me to a lot of new people and now we go to festivals together. It’s definitely like a big family, and throughout the whole year you can’t wait to see each other again at Backwoods.

Do you have any tips for people on the street team who are just starting out?

Being a part of a large group who is going to Backwoods is really helpful…. if one of your friends is on the fence, it’s easier to convince them to go if they know they can hang out you and a bunch of other people. We always go as a large group, buy the Upgraded Campsites, and camp together. Also, telling your friends they can save $20-30 in fees and taxes by buying through you is super critical. When people hear that, they’re like “holy crap… that’s a day and a half of food!” That has helped me sell a ton of tickets 😋

What awards have you earned being a street team member for Backwoods?

For Backwoods 2019, I earned (3) GA Weekend Tickets for myself and two friends for free! I also raked in over $450 in commission from ticket sales. I’ve never been on a street team before that allowed you to earn multiple tickets plus commission money. It’s been great.

Would you recommend the Backwoods street team to others?

Absolutely. I can’t guarantee that they will beat me or Chase though 😊We’re going hard for 2020.

If you could request one artist or band to play at Backwoods 2020, who would it be?

For DJ’s… Ganja White Night or TroyBoi. For bands, I would have to say Wookiefoot!

Anything else you would like to say to your fam at Backwoods?!

Do the right thing and drink water 😂

Love it… thanks for sharing your story LeAnna.

Of course! I can’t wait to see everyone again in 2020 💚

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