Backwoods Goes Cashless - Cashless Payments
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Backwoods Goes Cashless

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Cashless Payment RFID

Cashless Payment RFID

This year at Backwoods, we’ve decided to take a step into the wonderful world of technology. No longer will we sit in the dark ages of paper money and coins. Backwoods is going completely cashless! This year, you’ll use your wristbands to pay for everything you need. No, it’s not magic or voodoo or aliens. It’s all in the chip!

The RFID chip in your wristband, the part that you scan when you enter the festival, is also going to be scanned when you make your purchases at any vendor or merch booth. The chip will be read, you’ll have to enter in the PIN you create, and the money will be taken out of your account. This will save everyone time and will make transactions so much faster. Instead of waiting in line, you’ll be able to see more shows and have more fun!

You’ll have to set up an account when you register your wristband so that you’re not stuck without any spending money while you’re on the ranch. Backwoods is going completely cashless, so the only way you’ll be able to make purchases is with your wristband. No worries, though! It’s a safe and secure system that is easy to use. No one can spend your money but you! The company handling the cashless RFID system for Backwoods this year is Intellitix, the largest and most reputable company in the business that handles cashless payments for the largest festivals around the globe.

We are so excited for this update, and we know you’ll love it too! Who want’s to carry around cash, anyways? Nobody likes “that guy” at the front of the line counting out his pennies to pay for his stuff. Luckily, there wont be any of “those guys” this year. It’s just a quick scan and go! So don’t forget to set up those cashless accounts when you register your wristbands this year!

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