Backwoods 2019 Flash Mob Choreography - Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain - Ozark, Arkansas - Music Festival
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Backwoods 2019 Flash Mob Choreography

Get Involved:

Join the mob! Learn it ahead of time OR attend the hoop workshops with Katie Sunshine on 5/31/19 & 6/1/19. She’ll teach you all the moves, tricks & transitions to have you ready to go.  However, if you’re an experienced hooper and don’t attend the provided hoop classes, it’s ok. Just learn the choreography on your own time. However, attending rehearsal is a requirement to participate in the mob and be a part of the Sunday show! Don’t miss this epic opportunity!  If you’re a hooper, bring your hoop.  If you’re not a hooper but want to play, COME!  We can always use high-vibe back-up dancers!  OR bring whatever flow prop you’d like to add to the mix.  Lee and Katie will find a space for you!

Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries is a southeastern performance artist/instructor who demonstrates a fusion of styles and props that incorporate hip hop and dance. Lee’s unique movement and presence have allowed him to land opportunities from other music festivals to Facebook, and now is as excited as ever to be back on the mountain where it all began!

Katie Sunshine

Katie Sunshine was first inspired to pick up a hoop in 2008 after being introduced to hooping at a music festival in Ozark, Arkansas. What started as a hobby turned into a profession when one of her hoop videos went viral on YouTube. Since then, she’s racked up more than 16 million Youtube views, hooped for commercials and music videos, and taught workshops all over the country.