Workshops - Backwoods Music Festival
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Workshops & Activities Schedule


When What Where
Friday – 11:15 AM Solar Flow with Amy Miller – All levels to energize and awaken the body  Healing Dome
Friday – 2:30 PM  Acroyoga FUNdamentals with Joaquin and Sami Healing Dome
Friday – 4:30 PM Budokon Flow with Sarah Doll – Martial arts-based flow yoga class Healing Dome
Friday – 6:00 PM Afternoon Meditation and Reiki Circle with Jessica Cummings and Amy Miller Healing Dome
Saturday – 11:15 AM House Yoga with Jessica Cummings – flow yoga with funky house music Healing Dome
Saturday – 2:30 PM  AYFit with Sami and Joaquin Healing Dome
Saturday – 3:30 PM Restorative Thai with Jessica/Amy/Sarah Healing Dome
Saturday – 5:30 PM Numerology Workshop with Jessica Cummings Healing Dome
Sunday – 11:15 AM Slow Flow with Amy Miller – Gentle movement and slow feel-good flow Healing Dome
Sunday – 2:30 PM Acroyoga Therapeutics with Joaquin and Sami Healing Dome
Sunday – 4:00 PM Restorative Thai Bodywork with Jessica/Amy/Sarah Healing Dome
Sunday – 6:00 PM Chakra Balancing Workshop with Amy Miller Healing Dome
Daily – 11:00 AM Swimming (Closes at Dark) Beach
Daily – 11:00 AM Slip N Slide (Closes at Dark) Beach
Daily – 1:00 PM Water Volley Ball Tournament Beach
Daily – 2:00 PM Slackline Group Workshop Nirvana Woodlands
Daily – 3:00 PM Water Volley Ball Tournament Beach
Daily – 3:00 PM Poi/Flow Meet Up Kumbaya Pavillion
Daily – 5:00 PM Hoops Meet Up Kumbaya Pavillion
Daily – 6:00 PM World's Longest Conga Line Globe Theatre
Nightly – 8:00 PM Drum Circle  Sacred Fire
Nightly – 10:00 PM Glow Poi Meet Up Poi Towers
Continuous Meditation  Sacred Temple
Continuous Laser Tower Climb Laser Tower
Continuous Painting Participation Art Wall
Continuous Ferris Wheel Ferris Wheel
Continuous Helicopter Rides Helicopter
Continuous Hay Maze  Hay Maze