Why Stage Design at Music Festivals May Trump the Artists on Stage - Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain - Ozark, Arkansas - Music Festival
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Why Stage Design at Music Festivals May Trump the Artists on Stage

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Everyone knows the lineup is the most important part of the music festival. People come for the music, not for the food trucks or the porta-potties. But as much as the music is a draw, there is another aspect of festival culture that makes the experience so unique: the stage.

Stage design at music festivals, particularly EDM festivals, has become an attraction in itself. The more intricate the designs, the better the shows. Without the designs, your favorite artist is just performing on a blank stage. While the music is still great, the event itself is forgettable. With the designs and production, the crowd is more hyped, the artist gives a more energetic performance, and the experience is much more memorable. Plus the pictures and videos you take are way cooler to show to friends.

Picture it from the artist’s perspective. On stage you are focused on giving a memorable performance and hyping up the crowd. With a blank stage, it takes a lot more to get the energy up to where it needs to be. But if you’re performing on a stage with an amazing design, the crowd is already excited and it makes it more fun to make music for them.

Last year at Backwoods, we worked with Fader, a DJ and designer, to bring to life a main stage to take your breath away. We like to think it turned out pretty well. Check out the making of the design and creation of the Motherland stage for last year’s festival in our documentary “Backwoods Experience 2015”.

This year, we are coming up with an entirely new design to make your favorite artists even more spectacular! We are working to bring bigger and better things to Backwoods. Want to see what we create? Buy your tickets to this year’s festival and prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime!

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