Backwoods Tickets Online – Collectable RFID Wristbands for Backwoods Music Festival

We’re moving to RFID wristbands instead of paper tickets for the music festival this year! When you order your Backwoods tickets online, we’ll ship your RFID wristbands a couple of weeks prior to the festival. You MUST have an RFID wristband to get onto the festival grounds and campsites. We will not be selling tickets or wristbands at the gates, so be sure to pre-order your tickets online! Please spread the word to others since this is a change from year’s passed!

Backwoods RFID Wristbands

Backwoods RFID Wristbands

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@ColbyGraves you also need tickets/wristbands for each individual. RV Camper pass is only for the vehicle.

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