Liquid Stranger - Backwoods Music Festival
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liquid stranger

Liquid Stranger

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Over the course of six full-length albums and a myriad of single releases, Liquid Stranger has unleashed numerous worldwide hits as diverse as “Ripple”, which claimed #1 on Beatport’s Dubstep Chart, and “Bombaclaad Star”, which reigned supreme as the Hub’s #1 reggae/dub track of 2011. “Shake My Ass” dominated the drum ‘n’ bass chart at #1, while his third album “Private Riot” has become a dubstep classic in its own right, solidifying him as a trailblazer.[floated align=”right”]“The reality is twofold. Liquid represents something fluid and formless that can be adapted to any given container. In other words, I can go seamlessly between any genre, tempo, emotion, or whatever I want. You never know what I’m going to do next.”[/floated]He’s brought a multitude of worlds together into one with his “Anomaly Series EPs”. On is forthcoming music, the “Dreamer EP’s” (Spring/Summer 2015). Future bass sorcery and glitchy grooves collide and cascade within this new melodic EP series.

Meanwhile, he continues to be a live draw. He’s enchanted audiences at some of the biggest festivals and most prestigious venues all over the world. In many ways, the entire ethos can be traced back to his very moniker.

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