Forever Young - Morgan Ganem - Backwoods Music Festival
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Forever Young by Morgan Ganem

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The 2016 Backwoods Music Festival Anthem, “Forever Young” by Morgan Ganem is the feel good song of the summer.  The young Tulsa-based artist has been captivating audiences throughout the United States with his original electronic music and amazing energy on stage.  He began entertaining at the young age of eight and became the front man of his own band at the age of eleven.  Morgan’s unique style and easy to work with attitude ultimately led him to making his debut at Backwoods Music Festival in 2014.

When asked to write the official anthem for Backwoods, Morgan pulled inspiration from his past experiences at the festival.  Morgan talks about the song and how it captures the essence of Backwoods in his interview linked below as well as in the songs lyrics.  “When I was a kid I wanted to be bigger, older, now that I am older, I want to be a kid again.”  People go to Backwoods to forget all of their troubles, to be a kid, that’s what “Forever Young” is about.  To check out the full interview with Morgan Ganem click here.  To hear “Forever Young” the Official Anthem of the Backwoods Music Festival click here.

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