Big Gigantic Interview - Backwoods Music Festival
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Big Gigantic [Exclusive Interview]

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Big Gigantic, whose blend of mind—bending beats, thunderous bass and frenetic melodies has developed a rabid following since forming in 2008, have quickly become one of the most celebrated acts in live music.

The duo’s latest full-length album, 2014’s The Night Is Young—the fifth album by Boulder, CO-based saxophonist/producer Dominic Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken— saw their sound hit another dimension with its eclectic mix of tracks spanning from electronic and dance to hip-hop and electro soul.

In 2015, Big Gigantic released the singles “Get On Up,” which saw great success having been featured on the hit FOX TV series “So You Think You Can Dance?,” in a national Mountain Dew commercial and in the trailer for the Robert DeNiro/Zac Efron film Dirty Grandpa, and “Good Times Roll (with GRiZ),” which was showcased on ABC TV’s “Dancing With the Stars.” 2016 is off to a big start with the release of their new song, “The Little Things” featuring vocals from UK singer-songwriter Angela McCluskey.

With a provocative sound that’s as thoughtful as it is danceable, Big Gigantic weaves whirling melodies into addictive beats and samples that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Kanye West or LCD Soundsystem single. No genre is off – limits for Big Gigantic, whose breakthrough sound channels everything from funk and dub – step to house and hip – hop.

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1. If you could describe your music in one word, what would it be?

– That is completely impossible Hahahaha. The only response I have for ya here is MUSIC! 🙂

2. What music do YOU most identify with?

– Artists, fans and the music itself.

3. At the moment, what artists in the music industry have your attention?

– Been checking out the latest Flume record and Katrynada record quite a bit.

4. Should we be expecting new music from you at Backwoods?

– Yes! Our new album may be out right around that time so we’ll be playing a bunch of it for sure.

5. How has your music changed over time, reflecting on the past few years?

– It’s changed in lots of ways. It’s changed melodically and harmonically to become more mature I think. Our next record has a vocalist or a rapper on almost every track so that is definitely something we haven’t done much of in the past. We’re excited about the growth for sure.

6. Where and how do you work? Are there places, locations, or environments you draw inspiration from more than others?

– I work anywhere and everywhere but mostly at my home studio which is Colorado so lots of inspiration to draw from on the home front for sure. Also playing festivals with other acts u get to catch what other acts are up to which is super inspiring as well.

7. If you could collaborate with one artist from the past who would it be, and why?

– Miles Davis because he was such an innovator and ahead of his time

8. Any upcoming news we should watch up for? Anything you want to spill the beans about?

– Our new record is coming out end of August beginning of September, so be on the lookout for that!


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  • Rory | Jul 22, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    please do not schedule nero and big g at the same time, that would be horrible to pick between them!! please do what yall did last year with odesza and porter

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