“Backwoods Donates Medical Equipment to Local Stroud Hospital” - Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain - Ozark, Arkansas - Music Festival
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“Backwoods Donates Medical Equipment to Local Stroud Hospital”

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Stroud Muncipal Hospital was established in 1978 as a result of the community banding together in hopes of making quality healthcare closer to home a possibility. The Hospital flourished and continued to serve the community throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. A tornado struck and tragically damaged the hospital resulting in closing for nearly two years. At the reopening the hospital was renamed Stroud Regional Medical Center. The center offers a number of services including inpatient medical and surgical services, physical and occupational therapy, scanning and ultrasound, full service laboratory testing, cardiology clinic services and much more.


CEO of Stroud Regional Medical Service Center, Tommy Smith stated “Of course [we] will benefit from having a top of the line piece of Stryker equipment to replace our much older, hard to lift and role gurney”. The top of the line new piece of equipment is electronic and rises with the simple push of a button whereas the old gurney was manual and a challenge to rise, even when empty.


When asked how often the gurney will be used, Smith replied “on a regular basis”. The gurney will be used when transferring patients from the emergency room to an inpatient room or to the helipad. Because of the medical center’s location off the Turner Turnpike and Highway 99, the emergency department receives a much higher volume of trauma patients than the average rural hospitals.


Stroud Regional Medical Center prides itself in its compassionate and dedicated team and quality patient care. Because of their commitment, Backwoods Music Festival felt lead to donate to the cause and hope it makes an impact on the hospital as a whole and the patients individually. With the additional medical equipment, serving the Stroud community will be that much easier!

Backwoods Donates $13,000 Gurney

Backwoods Gurney

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