Art in the Woods - Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain - Ozark, Arkansas - Music Festival
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Art in the Woods

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Here at Backwoods Music Festival we take pride in our exceptional art installations and this year you’ll be excited to hear that we’re expanding and upgrading in ways you can’t even imagine! If you ask any previous Backwoods attendee, they’ll tell you our art installations are like that of no other festival around… but this year is going to be even more mind blowing! Backwoods 2016 is really making art a focal point, with the main concentration in the woods. Festival-goers can expect a lot more installations along with newly built portals, live painters, and some of your favorite things from the woods last year.


In comparison to last year, the ranch will become home to elaborate new art installations from nationally recognized artists. These projects will redefine creativity and be visually appealing to the masses. Backwoods considers art to be of utmost importance. We want to stimulate and inspire the crowd on another level, in hopes that they really delve into the “Backwoods way” and have the most rewarding experience possible.


Unlike previous years, we are going to include a whole transformational area in the music venue. In this area, alternative forms of art breaking the barriers of typical “art” will be offered. Scheduled yoga classes will be held, along with quiet times for meditation and sacred fire ceremonies for those interested. Many of this year’s art installations will be fully functional. There will be multiple interactive structures from shade coverings to mini cinemas and even mazes for your enjoyment.


There is no specific theme to the madness. Rather than limiting ourselves and our festival goers to some sort of structure, we hope to elicit individuality and innovation to the best of our abilities. We seek to extract creativity rather than stifle it.


If you’re interested in what’s to come, check out our featured artists here!


The Imagine Nation –

Jamie Whitlow –

Shane Woodley & Gregory Coye –

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